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The Brothel of 1,000 Bunnies!

523: The Place to Be

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the summer of giggles, it was the summer of perversions. At Barnard College, several crazy friends gathered. The Anglophile, the Pervert Extraordinaire, the Elvish Visionary, The Poet Like Che, The Redhead Who Led Andy Astray, and the Mother of All Bunnies had met, and whether they were racing through the city looking for a theater that was playing Pirates of the Carribbean, writing "Gandalf for President" and "Frodo Lives!" in subways, or seeking out a good smoothie before spending a crazy night eating 32 inch pizza and watching downloaded movies on a laptop, there was no stopping their insanity! Do you concur?!